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Save up Evers – Everad's in-house currency

Amount of Evers = all approved affiliate’s leads over the period of competition multiplied by the country rate and the offer rate at the time of approval. Example: 100 leads in Hungary for Arthrolon have been approved. Hungary’s rate – 2, Arthrolon’s rate – 1.5. Evers earned: 100*2*1.5=300.


to the TOP

The more Evers you have on your account, the higher your ranking is. TOP 200 partners may cash out Evers and take part in Race #1, TOP 100 – in Race #2, TOP 50 – in Race #3. The rating in the leaderboard is fixing in advance on the date indicated by the rules.


More Evers –
more chances

You may cash out Evers divisible by 500 in Race #1, by 1 000 – in Race #2, by 5 000 – in Race #3. Bills with participant IDs will be thrown into the lottery drum in the final prize draw in each Race. After cash out, Evers are debited from the partner’s personal account – accordingly, their ranking on the leaderboard by the start of the next race may go down.


Win a car
in every Race

There will be THREE RACES – accordingly, there will be three prize draws. In each, you can win a car and extra prizes. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN ALL THREE CARS. You are the one making the decision – to fight for all three cars and cash Evers outs before each draw or save them for the Range Rover. TOP 1 in Race #3 receives a guaranteed prize.


Come to the prize draw, throw your Evers into the lottery drum, and drive away in a brand new car!

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